Plans and Projects

Social-Cultural: "I am Escazuceño"

The program "I am Escazuceño" created in the 1998-2002 administration will be resumed, promoting the execution of an annual agenda of cantonal culture to promote the values ​​and customs of the residents of the canton, such as: Art, Gastronomic, Trade fairs, National and local Celebrations, Sports activities, the promotion of commerce, religious activities and educational activities of public and private centers.

Values ​​campaign for a better Escazú in educational centers, religious and community groups.

Assistance to community groups, preparation in the development of their functions, execution and monitoring of projects.

Integration of the community development associations of the three districts and the cantonal, for the articulation and coordination of efforts in order to plan and order district projects.

Housing solution, coordination with public institutions that see the issue of housing bonds, training for the process, coordination and articulation of efforts from the Escazuceña's housing association. Annual culture agenda, security, hospital, fire hydrants station, strengthening of the local police and the Red Cross. Cantonal Fairs: Gastronomic, Artisan, Merchants and Cultural. Strengthening Culture, Recreation and Sports

Government and Administration

The Municipality will be managed under four premises: Transparency, Efficiency, Service and Citizen Participation.

The one-stop shop will be created and the excess requirements will be eliminated in order to resolve the requests in the shortest possible time.

Debugging of the cantonal database (improvement of collection), simplification of procedures.

The one-stop shop and district account executives. Participatory budgets.

Neighborhood improvement program. Escazu's Civic Center.

Improvement of urban infrastructure (sidewalks, road network and bridges).

Environment: "Blue and Green - Ecological Blue Flag"

Recycling of solid waste. Production of organic fertilizer from biodegradable waste (Composting).

"Carbon neutral": Producing biodiesel from the waste of cooking oil, both domiciliary, as well as restaurants, bars, industry and hotels.

Design and construction of the sanitary sewer network and the respective treatment plant.

Purchase land in the hills, reforestation, recovery of river protection areas and improvement of parks.


The "reduction of poverty with employment" will be promoted, for which the forum of Escazú's Entrepreneurs will be created, there will be seen the needs of the employers regarding the training of the potential employees, stablishing the educational centers on a technical scale or professional with the objective of facilitating the hiring of the largest number of escazuceños by local commerce and industry.

The program of preventive maintenance, repair and construction of the cantonal road network will be resumed, for which the sum of $ 1.7 million will be invested in the course of the first three years of management through the COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR THE FINANCING OF PROJECTS OF INVESTMENT (CR-X 1007) - FIRST CANTONAL ROAD NETWORK PROGRAM - (PRVC I) MOPT / BID.


University for Escazú.

Cantonal Forum of businessmen, merchants and related.

Training in English language and administration to the merchant and employment exchange.

Improvement of the educational infrastructure (Construction of: Technical College, Juan XXIII School and San Antonio Kindergarten).

Community Management, Base of the Equal Progress for Escazú